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The Principal

Second to the right is Alan Jackson. He is beside Dr. Ona and other Health Secretaries

Alan Jackson has worked in Asia for 27 years. Specifically in the Healthcare industry, from Hospital Acquisition, Architecture, Designer of Diagnostic Centres, Radiology Imaging acquisition, and Layouts to being a Hospital CEO.  Relationships and know-how in business are cherished. My principal has worked closely with the Department of Health, Ministers, Secretary, and has a list of contacts and friends acquired over the years. Investment banking and partnerships are his other areas of expertise with the right trusted and proven contacts. Knowledge of how to register and operate a business in Asia is vital for success, as many foreigners lose their precious capital fast through a lack of advice or understanding. Language and Country traditions are other important elements.

The Executive Assistant

Mary Angelene Granada is a professional Accountant, an expert in Medical Transcription, SEO, and customer service. She has worked with the biggest BPO companies such as Teleperformance, VXI, and Next BPO Solutions. Previously worked with Alveo Land Corp. too as a Customer Service Desk Site Admin Assistant. Practiced her degree in Accountancy when she worked at Kingdom of Jesus Christ as a Part-time Accountant and as a Marketing Executive at SM – Department of Marketing & Public Relations. 

Learned digital marketing and medical transcription courses when she has decided to work from home and has been interested to excel in those fields. She had been doing transcription jobs when she was in college and listening to audio is easy for her. She can catch quickly what a person on the audio is saying. Aside from that, she works accurately and fast.