Why MediscriptCloudSEO is the Brand New Digital Solution Now

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Mediscript Cloud SEO Services is a brand new digital solution for everyone, especially healthcare professionals, businesses, and individuals. Because you just need to contact us and we will be the one to provide the solutions accurate for your needs. Spend time taking care of your patients and growing your business, leave it all to us.

Who is Mediscript Cloud SEO?

Hi! Welcome to our company. I will introduce you to Mediscript Cloud SEO Services. We have come up with some names before we finally realized that Mediscript Cloud SEO Services is the perfect fit for what we offer and that we are confident in giving the quality services for our clients. 

Why we came up with this name? Simply because we offer our confidence and expertise in the fields of Medical Transcription along with Medico-legal reporting, Online Accounting, Electronic Storage, and SEO Marketing Strategies. We have combined the words of Medical Transcription for Mediscript, Online Accounting and Electronic Storage for Cloud, and lastly, Search Engine Optimization for SEO.

Thus, our brand is linked to digital marketing, medical and healthcare, and online systems. We have partnered and integrated with prestigious companies such as Google, Suitedash, Zapier.

Who We Are

We are a team of experts in the fields of healthcare management, digital marketing, accounting, and customer support. We can be your friend, affiliate and a colleague. Either of those, we will take care of your needs because we value you. 


The CEO, Alan Jackson has worked in Asia for 27 years. Specifically in the Healthcare industry, from Hospital Acquisition, Architecture, Designer of Diagnostic Centres, Radiology Imaging acquisition, and Layouts to being a Hospital CEO.  Relationships and know-how in business are cherished. My principal has worked closely with the Department of Health, Ministers, Secretary, and has a list of contacts and friends acquired over the years. Investment banking and partnerships are his other areas of expertise with the right trusted and proven contacts. Knowledge of how to register and operate a business in Asia is vital for success, as many foreigners lose their precious capital fast through a lack of advice or understanding. Language and Country traditions are other important elements. Email Alan for assistance in these areas,

The Executive Assistant

The Executive Assistant, Mary Angelene Granada is a professional Accountant, an expert in Medical Transcription, SEO, and customer service. I have worked with the biggest BPO companies such as Teleperformance, VXI, and Next BPO Solutions. In 2015, I worked at Alveo Land Corp. too as a Customer Service Desk Site Admin Assistant. Practiced my degree in Accountancy when I proceed to work in the Kingdom of Jesus Christ as a Part-time Accountant. Also as a Marketing Executive at SM – Department of Marketing & Public Relations. 

Digital marketing and medical transcription courses are two kinds of courses that I have practiced when I have decided to work from home. And have been interested to excel in those fields. I have been doing transcription jobs when I was in college and listening to audio is easy for me. I can catch quickly what a person on the audio is saying. Aside from that, I work accurately and fast. You can give me a heads up with our support email or contact us through our phone number. I will definitely be in touch with you the soonest you contact me.  

Why Use a Medical Transcription Service?

Charting consumes a lot of time for busy doctors and medical professionals, but it’s vital. Outsourcing transcription to a service frees up time and resources for physicians and staff, allowing them to care for patients, and it provides peace of mind that the information is accurate and secure. With a service, you don’t have to worry about major errors or deal with a slow turnaround, which can cost your practice or organization thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

We Deliver Excellent Medical Transcription

Yeah, we know that there are a lot of companies now that offers Medical Transcription services who started a long time ago. It’s time for us to be in the know. We have partnered with an expert in editing Medical Transcription to give you the accurate and excellent transcripts. We take dictations to the next level.

I know you want a fast and easy to read Medical Transcription or even a Medico-legal Report. You can request for a medical transcription or medico-legal report through filling up our Medical Transcription Request Form. If you will be requesting in bulk, you can click on Request a Quote on our website. Please fill in the requested information. We love to hear from you soonest. 

After you have sent your request, we will be in touch with you. We will provide your transcript or report within the turn-around time of 24 to 48 hours through your email address. 

Are You an Expert in SEO? 

Big YES! There are from time to time that we test our knowledge on SEO. On how we can optimize our website to rank in Google and limit our resources. However, you should not limit your tools on acquiring SEO services. This is vital for you to be successful in your business and outsmart everyone in your industry. 

We have many ideas that we can offer you to attract to your proposed clients or other customers. So that people can search for you and come knocking on your door to ask for your services. You can send a request too by clicking on Request a Quote. Or Subscribe to our Email List to Guide You on how you can attract your clients with ease. 

Overall, we are not after your money. Yes, you heard that right. Because we understand that in this situation, quality service should be the first priority among everything else

Our Online Storage

Our online storage is Care Flow. Please read more on our CareFlowe website. We have provided detailed information. 

Contact Us Now or Email Us! You are just one click away to our excellent services. 


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